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Undelete files with Recuva on Data Recovery CD/USB

By , Last modified: 2014-09-07.

How to use Recuva to undelete files and folders in Data Recovery CD/USB

Piriform's Recuva on Data Recovery CD/USB allows recovering deleted files. If you delete a file from disk and from Recycle Bin, it does not really mean the file has disappeared forever. The file is marked as "deleted" and is hidden well, but gets erased only if it is overwritten. Depending on the amount of free space on the disk, the file may remain intact for weeks, even months.

Click Recuva on Desktop to start the program.
First, select the drive from which you want to recover deleted items. By default, drive B: is selected, but you should look for erased data on drive C: or D:.
Then click the Scan button.
Piriform Recuva. Select the drive you want to scan for recoverable data. Then click Scan.

Scanning for restorable data takes around 10-25 minutes. Data Recovery CD/USB has Recuva configured so that it performs the deep - most thorough - scan by default.
Piriform Recuva, Scanning drive for deleted files. Stand by.

After the scan, results appear in the list. Basically, you can safely undelete only items that are marked green. Yellow items can be restored, but some contents might be missing. Red items are not recoverable.
You can sort results by clicking any column title, such as Filename, Path or Last Modified.
Piriform Recuva, scan results. Only items marked green can be fully undeleted. You can sort results by any column.

Use check boxes to select the files you want to unerase. Right-click in the results lists and select Recover Checked from the menu.
Piriform Recuva, scan results. Use check boxes to select the files you want to undelete. Then right-click in the list and select Recover Checked.

Recuva opens a common Browser For Folder dialog. It is strongly recommended to select your external drive here to prevent overwriting items on hard disk. If you do not have an external disk (or not enough free space on it), you can also click My Documents.
Recuva recreates the whole folder structure for the restored files. If a file was previously in C:\Documents and Settings\John\My Documents folder, the undeleted file will be in the selected recovery location, Documents and Settings\John\My Documents folder.
Piriform Recuva, Browse For Folder. Select your external drive as the location for recovered items.

After restoration is complete, a Recuva success dialog will appear. Click OK.
Piriform Recuva, Operation completed. Click OK.



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