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Install TrueCrypt

By , Last modified: 2014-09-07.

How to install TrueCrypt in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1

Since 28th of May, 2014, there has been strong confusion over the redirection of TrueCrypt home page to the project's SourceForge page claiming that TrueCrypt is not safe to use. Since the software's source code and Windows binary were audited in late 2013, and no backdoors or significant flaws were detected, many people (including me) still strongly believe that the software version 7.1a is safe, and the whole change was caused by a demand from a law-enforcement or national security entity.
That is why has the original TrueCrypt 7.1a setup file for Windows. Until further notice, we believe the software to be safe to use.

After the small download (less than 4 megabytes) is complete, launch TrueCrypt Setup.
Click to enable the I accept the license terms option and click Next.
TrueCrypt Setup, Please read the license terms. Put a check mark into 'I accept the license terms' box and click Next.

In the Wizard Mode dialog, select the Install option and click Next.
TrueCrypt Setup, Wizard Mode. Select the 'Install' option and click Next.

In the Setup Options screen, leave all items checked and click Next. This is a rare case where setup options are useful. Wink
TrueCrypt Setup, Setup Options. Select all options and click Next.

Next, click Install. If you want to, you can donate later from the download page, too.
TrueCrypt Setup, Please consider making a donation. Click Install.

After TrueCrypt has been installed, click OK.
TrueCrypt Setup, TrueCrypt has been successfully installed. Click OK.

TrueCrypt offers to open the User Guide. Click No - using TrueCrypt will be covered in the next articles here.
TrueCrypt Setup, Do you want to view the tutorial. Click No.

Finally, click Finish in the TrueCrypt Installed window.
TrueCrypt Setup, Installed. Click Finish.



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