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Install EaseUS Todo Backup Free in Windows

By , Last modified: 2014-10-25.

How to install EaseUS Todo Backup Free for backing up your Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1 computer

EaseUS Todo Backup Free 7 can back up to almost any storage device - removable devices, (USB drives, memory cards), hard disks, CD-s and DVD-s, other devices on local network (including NAS devices), cloud services (OneDrive/SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and FTP servers.
It can do incremental backups to save disk space. Password protection with AES-256 encryption is supported for enhanced security (in case your backup drive gets stolen).
Drives larger than 2 TB are supported, as well as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.
Offline recovery can be done via Preboot loader, or WinPE- or Linux-based recovery media (CD/DVD or USB).

If you have encrypted your hard drives with tools like TrueCrypt, EaseUS Todo Backup Free can still create all kinds of backups, but it creates full disk images on sector-by-sector basis and you cannot restore individual files or folders from full disk image backups. You can still restore files and folders from file backups and restore whole disks using the bootable Emergency Disk, though.

Please note that Todo Backup Free does not support backing up and restoring dynamic volumes, but as most home users do not use these anyway, this will probably not be a problem for many people.

Downloading EaseUS Todo Backup Free 7.0

Open Easeus Todo Backup Free download page, enter your e-mail address and click Download Now.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free 7 download page. Type your e-mail address and click 'Download Now'.

The first step is selecting setup language. As English is fine, click OK.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free 7, Select Setup Language. Click OK.

Next, Todo Backup setup reminds that the free version is meant for home users only. To agree with license terms, click Accept.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free 7 Setup, License Restriction Notice. Click Accept.

Finally, EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup starts with Welcome screen. Click Next to continue.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup, Welcome screen. Click Next.

In case you're upgrading from an earlier version, a warning that another version is installed appears. Click Yes to uninstall the older version and wait until setup continues with the next step.
All your scheduled tasks and images will be usable after the upgrade.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup, Uninstall another version now? Click Yes.

Default destination location is normally fine, click Next.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup, Select Destination Location. Click Next.

Upgraders will meet another prompt because the folder already exists. Click Yes here, this will preserve your settings and backup jobs/history.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup, Folder Exists. Click Yes.

From the Additional Tasks, select only Create a desktop icon. Then click another lovely Next button.
Note that the Create a Quick Launch icon item is not displayed on PC-s running Windows 7 or newer.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup, Select Additional Tasks. Leave only 'Create a desktop icon' checked. Then click Next.

To make locating and managing backups easier, EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup offers to select a folder for backups (aka Personal Data Location).
By default, setup tries to locate an external hard drive and offers to create a folder named My Backups there. If this fails, it offers "C:\My Backups". Of course, the latter is not fine - click Browse to select your external hard drive. You should never back up to the same drive where Windows is installed to be safe from physical disk failures.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup, Select Personal Data Location. If C:\ drive is offered, click Browse.

Click your external media, and select a sub-folder if necessary. Click OK to accept the drive or folder as the default backup location.
Back in the Select Personal Data Location window, click Next.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup, Browse For Folder. Find and select your external drive in the list and click OK.

The installation takes some time and a new service is installed to keep an eye on any missed backup task. After the setup is complete, click Finish.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Setup completed. Click Finish.

Upon the first launch, EaseUS Todo Backup Free offers to activate a paid version by inserting some license code. Leave Current license selected and click OK to use free version.
Activate EaseUS Todo Backup. Choose the 'Current license' option and click OK to start using free version.

Updating EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Todo Backup Free has an automatic updater built in: you do not have to manually download the full package and install it to get the latest version.

Here's an example of update notification. Click Download and Install to perform the update. This might take several minutes to complete.
EaseUS Todo Backup Free, update notification. Click 'Download and Install'.

After the process completes, you have to relaunch the program. Click Restart now and that's it!
EaseUS Todo Backup Free, restart to finish installing update. Click 'Restart now'.

Move on to read about setting up automatic disk image backups and creating a bootable emergency disk.



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