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Who we are

This website - - is maintained by a small Estonian company called OÜ Margus Saluste.

This site exists because many people do not know much about Microsoft Windows operating systems. They often know even less about computer and online security.
We try to give them some idea about what and how to use to stay safe.

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Please do note that attempts to bypass CloudFlare reverse proxy result in an automatic ban of your device's IP-address.

Who is meant for?

The target audience is home users who feel they want or need to know a little more about computers, Windows, and free programs. We will not go into every little detail of every program, but you will still find sufficient information about the most useful features.

The site is in no way a complete guide in the world of Windows - and it never will be. I try to shed some light on the basics only.

For home users, not business users!

Articles here focus on home users and not business users. Do not expect all covered software to be free for commercial purposes. Several articles are still applicable to business users, but your IT administrators might have created policies that prevent configuring and/or installing software.

Why advertisements?

Advertisements are sometimes a complete nuisance, I know. But for me, they provide a small income to cover my time spent on building the site, writing and updating the articles, and paying hosting fees. Believe me, it is not easy - I also have a full-time job to do. I try to keep ads under control by not accepting any automatic pop-ups or other possibly disturbing content. So please click on an interesting link and support this site. Your clicks are voluntary, but very much needed.


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