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Duplicate disks with Raw Copy on Data Recovery CD/USB

By , Last modified: 2014-09-07.

How to use Raw Copy to duplicate disks or partitions in Data Recovery CD/USB

Roadkil's Raw Copy on Data Recovery CD/USB allows easy duplication of physical disks or partitions. The programs comes in handy when you need to copy all contents from a damaged disk to a replacement disk. Raw Copy has built-in data recovery option that tries to restore data from bad sectors and ensures that all recoverable data is copied.

This often saves from tiresome re-installs of Windows and all programs. Cool

Click Raw Copy on Desktop to start the program. End User License Agreement appears the first time you run Raw Copy during this Recovery CD/USB session. Click Yes to continue.
Roadkil's Raw Copy, End User License Agreement. Click Yes.'

First, select the Source drive (partition) or physical disk. This is the damaged partition or disk you want to duplicate.
If you are replacing a damaged hard disk, it is strongly recommended to copy the whole physical disk to ensure all necessary data for booting is duplicated.
Second, select the Target physical disk. Choose your replacement disk here.
In the example below, Physical Disk 0 is the damaged hard disk and Physical Disk 1 is the new hard disk. Physical Disk 2 is the external hard drive.
Roadkil's Raw Copy. Select Source and Target physical disks.

In case both damaged and new disk are the same size and you have no idea which should be the target disk, right-click My Computer on Desktop and select Disk Management from the menu.
The new, unformatted disk should read "Unallocated" in the bottom pane. Set its disk number as target disk.

Double-check the source and target disks and click Copy.
Roadkil's Raw Copy. Click Copy to start duplicating source disk.

Roadkil's Raw Copy opens a Confirmation dialog that warns about erasing all data on the target disk.
Take a deep breath, triple-check source and target disks and click Yes.
Roadkil's Raw Copy, This will erase all data on the target disk, are you sure you wish to proceed. Click Yes.

The copy process might take from 10 minutes to several hours, depending on the size and speed of the disks. In extreme cases where source disk has many bad sectors, the copying takes days. My personal "record" is over 60 hours for a damaged 30-gigabyte hard drive.
Roadkil's Raw Copy, Copy Completed. Close the program.

After duplication is finished, verify that Write Errors is zero - this means that your new disk is fine. Then close the program.
If the target disk is larger than the source, you can use EaseUS Partition Master to resize the partition.

Please be aware that after duplicating a whole disk, the target disk will still read "Unallocated" in Windows Disk Management! To verify the duplication, open EaseUS Partition Master or restart your computer.

You can now shut down the computer, connect cables from the old, damaged disk to the new replacement disk and test if Windows works.



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