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Create disc images with CDBurnerXP

By , Last modified: 2014-09-07.

How to create ISO images of a CD or DVD with CDBurnerXP in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1

Sometimes you need to create an image of a disc - either for backup purposes or mounting the image file on a computer that has no CD/DVD drive.
CDBurnerXP allows creating ISO images and MDS metadata files of any type of optical discs.

When you open CDBurnerXP, you will see Action Selection dialog. Click Copy or grab disc and then click OK. Make sure you insert the disc you want to image first.
CDBurnerXP, main Action Selection dialog. Click Copy or grab disc. Then click OK.

In Copy Options tab, select Hard disk from the Target section.
Increasing the number of Read retries is useful while creating an image file of an old or scratched disc. This number defines how many times CDBurnerXP attempts to read a damaged sector before marking it unreadable.
Ignore unreadable data comes handy when you are trying to get anything you can from a damaged disc. Normally, CDBurnerXP cancel disc imaging in case there are unreadable sectors on source CD/DVD. This option tells to ignore the bad sectors and continue copying.
Disable hardware error correction should be turned off at most times. Use this option only when your CD/DVD drive is really-really slow while copying an undamaged disc, or it refuses to copy a disc.
After activating the Hard disk option, click the ... (Browse) button to the right of File name field.
CDBurnerXP, Copy Disc. To create an image file of the source disc, select the Hard disc option under Target section. Then click the Browse (...) button.

Open the folder where you want to put the image file. Type a name for the file and click Save.
CDBurnerXP, Copy Disc, Save As. Open the folder where you want to create the image file. Type a name in the File name field. Click Save.

Back in Copy disc screen, select the type of image file from the File type combo box. ISO (Single track) file is the actual copy of data on the disc, MDS (Whole disc) file is a small metadata file that contains detailed description of a disc. The latter should be used while imaging dual-layer discs - first create an ISO image of the disc, then create the MDS file required for proper mounting.
CDBurnerXP, Copy Disc. Select ISO (Single track) from File type combo box.

Finally, click Copy disc.
CDBurnerXP, Copy Disc. After selecting ISO (Single track) from File type combo box, click Copy Disc.

CDBurnerXP will then extract all data from the inserted disc. This takes some time, have a glass of juice meanwhile... Smile For damaged CDs/DVDs, this might take even hours if you have turned on the Ignore unreadable data option.
CDBurnerXP, extracting from drive. This will take some time.

After imaging is complete, CDBurnerXP will display a success dialog. Click OK.

CDBurnerXP, extracting ISO image completed. Click OK.

If you are creating image of a dual-layer (DL) disc, you must also create the MDS (Media Data Store) file - repeat the process above, but select MDS (Whole disc) from File type combo box instead. This process is much faster and the MDS file will not consume large amounts of hard disk space.

Otherwise, click Close in Copy Disc dialog. To close CDBurnerXP, click Exit in Action Selection dialog.



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