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Copy discs with CDBurnerXP

By , Last modified: 2014-09-07.

How to duplicate audio or data CDs or DVDs with CDBurnerXP in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1

Sometimes you need to duplicate a disc. Suppose you bought a fantastic audio CD by your favorite artist, but you do not want to risk scratching the disc in your car stereo. You can make a backup of the original CD (yes, this is legal!) and use the duplicate in your stereo equipment. Or maybe you need to make a backup copy of the game or video DVD you just bought.

When you open CDBurnerXP, you will see Action Selection dialog. Click Copy or grab disc and then click OK. Make sure you insert the disc you want to copy first.
CDBurnerXP, main Action Selection dialog. Click Copy or grab disc. Then click OK.

In Copy Options tab, defaults are fine. As most computers have only one CD/DVD device installed, leave both source and target device the same.
Increasing the number of Read retries is useful while duplicating an old or scratched disc. This number defines how many times CDBurnerXP attempts to read a damaged sector before marking it unreadable.
Ignore unreadable data comes handy when you are trying to get anything you can from a damaged disc. Normally, CDBurnerXP cancel disc duplication in case there are unreadable sectors on source CD/DVD. This option tells to ignore the bad sectors and continue copying.
Disable hardware error correction should be turned off at most times. Use this option only when your CD/DVD drive is really-really slow while copying an undamaged disc, or it refuses to copy a disc.
If you need to ensure maximum compatibility with older CD/DVD drives, activate the Finalize disc option in the Target section.
Click Copy disc (insert the source disc first).
CDBurnerXP, Copy Disc. Leave Source device and Target device the same. Click OK.

CDBurnerXP will then extract all data from the inserted disc. This takes some time, have a glass of juice meanwhile. Smile For damaged CDs/DVDs, this might take even hours if you have turned on the Ignore unreadable data option.
CDBurnerXP, extracting from drive. This will take some time.

After disc copying is complete, CDBurnerXP will eject the source disc and waits for you to insert the blank target disc. The disc burning process starts automatically after this.
CDBurnerXP, copying disc, writing process started. Stand by.

In case the inserted disc is not writable - a finalized CD-R/DVD-R/DVD+R - the Present column will state Not writable (CD-R) or Not writable (DVD-R).

Please insert the writable CD/DVD now.
CDBurnerXP, Disc Required. If the Present column states Not writable (CD-R), replace the disc with a blank CD or DVD now.

If there is some data on the CD-RW or DVD-RW/DVD+RW you inserted, CDBurnerXP offers to blank the disc and overwrite the contents. Make sure you didn't insert your wedding photos disc or something alike and then click Yes.
CDBurnerXP, if the inserted rewritable disc is not blank, CDBurnerXP offers to overwrite the contents. Click Yes.

No, really make sure you didn't insert a disc with important data on it! Laughing
The Fast method is fine in most cases; Secure erase method is required only if your disc contains very confidential data that should never end up in the hands of unwanted people.
If you are sure you want to overwrite the disc, click Erase.
CDBurnerXP, Erase Disc. Click Erase only if you are sure you are not overwriting anything important.

CDBurnerXP will notify you that you are really-really going to erase the contents of the disc. Laughing
Click Yes if you are very sure there are no important items on the disc. To avoid the confirmation prompt in the future, put a check mark in the Never ask again box first.
CDBurnerXP, Erase Disc, Do you really want to erase the disc. Click Yes.

Click OK after the disc has been blanked. To prevent the success message from appearing again, activate the Never tell again option first.
CDBurnerXP, Erase Finished. Click OK.

When CD/DVD duplication is complete, CDBurnerXP will display a success dialog. Click OK.
CDBurnerXP, copying disc was completed successfully. Click OK.

Click Close in Copy Disc dialog. To close CDBurnerXP, click Exit in Action Selection dialog.



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