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Please use the provided e-mail address to report problems or misspellings, and please include page address or title in your e-mail.

Please read before contacting me
  • Please do not ask me if I can fix your computer. Please use the Google custom search box on the home page if your problem is not covered here.
  • does not sell the products mentioned on the site. Please do not send support requests and license keys to me!
  • Please do not ask for instructions on software not covered on There is no way I can test all programs in the world.
  • Please do not offer ad networks and collaborations. We have Google AdSense slots only. Use Google AdWords/DoubleClick if you want your ads on
  • does not do software or hardware reviews. However, if you have a product that is free for home users (or all users) and you think it might add value to this site, please feel free to contact me.
Contact information
OÜ Margus Saluste
Address: Sõle 11, Tallinn 10614, Harjumaa, Estonia
info [at]
Telephone: +372 58 55 00 99


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