Browser and Plug-in Check

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In case of browser prompts, please allow software to run for Plug-In Check to work properly.

This check is mainly meant for Windows PC-s, but many plug-ins have same version numbers across different platforms.

Plug-in Check

If any of the plug-ins (or the browser) above is out-of-date, it is strongly recommended to update these as soon as possible to avoid potential breaches by viruses, drive-by-downloads and other web threats!

Please close all open browser windows while updating any software - most plugins cannot be updated properly while a web browser is running. Also, you might have to press F5 key or click Refresh/Reload button multiple times to update results on this page after updating browsers or plug-ins.

Automating program updates in Windows

To have your browser, add-ons and other software updated automatically, use free Secunia PSI.
For Windows, Office and other Microsoft products, use Windows Update.

Securing browsers and add-ons

To make common web browsers and their extensions/plug-ins/add-ons more secure, please see the Browser security and Application security tutorials.

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