Facebook video Like scam: WTF! Girl Died After Painful Sex With A Horse!

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Another sick scam is doing rounds on Facebook. This one promises a porn video entitled 'WTF! Girl Died After Painful Sex With A Horse!'.

As with all Facebook scams, this will reappear from time to time with minor changes. The latest outbreaks of the scam have surfaced around May 2nd to 3rd, 2013 and in the middle of April, 2014.

The scam spreads via Like posts on victims' Timelines. A typical one looks like this (part of image blurred):
Facebook, WTF! Girl Died After Painful Sex With A Horse! scam post example

Clicking the post will open a common fake Facebook page, hosted at
The top part is an ad for Facebook apps and that's how cybercrooks make a part of their income.
The fake YouTube video is actually nothing more than a link that posts the fake Like on victim's Timeline.
Facebook, WTF! Girl Died After Painful Sex With A Horse! scam, fake YouTube page at

After secret like-posting, typical survey scam appears on some fake YouTube page (this one actually looks a lot like the real one). That's the second method how crooks get their money. Do not fill any surverys, for they often lead to malware and unwanted SMS services (paid ones, of course).
Facebook, WTF! Girl Died After Painful Sex With A Horse! scam, survey scam example

Take three yes-no guesses if the video ever appears! Laughing

As usual, victims should clean up their Facebook Timelines or News Feeds. Click the X mark (Delete Post) on News Feed. On Timeline, click Pencil icon (Edit or Remove) and click Unlike.
Facebook, Delete Post Facebook, Unlike post

Now Facebook asks if you want to unlike the video. Click Unlike.
Facebook, Unlike dialog

If you filled some surveys, make sure you have not signed up for premium/paid services!

Please consider using BitDefender safego for Facebook and WOT Safe Surfing Tool to avoid such scams in the future. Also, double-check your Facebook Account Settings and Facebook Privacy Settings to ensure your profile is properly protected.

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