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How to install SugarSync for backing up your most important files in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1

Sadly, SugarSync will transition to Paid-Only Service beginning on February 8, 2014. We wish them good luck and hint on other free online backup services, such as Bitcasa or Tresorit.

SugarSync is an online file synchronization and backup service that can be used for archiving most important documents, synchronizing files across computers and accessing files when the required computer is offline (remote file access). As a bonus, five earlier versions of each changed file are stored on SugarSync servers, mimicing the Previous Versions or File History feature for Windows XP users.

SugarSync is kind enough to offer 5 gigabytes of free disk space for every user. While it is more than double the space of most other online backup providers (e.g. Dropbox), it is still enough for storing most important files only - do not expect it to be your primary music locker or video streaming service.
Of course, you can get much more space if you're willing to pay - common personal data plans start from 60 GB ($7.49/month) and end with 250 GB ($24.99/month).

You can also extend your storage space on SugarSync servers by sharing files and getting your friends to sign up for the service (if your friend signs up for a paid plan, you both get 10 gigabytes for free!).

SugarSync is usable on most devices: Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and Mac computers (sadly, no Linux support), iPhones, iPads, Androids, BlackBerrys, Symbians (Nokia) and Windows Mobile devices. To save time and bandwidth, only changed parts of files are downloaded and uploaded. For large files, this means huge savings.
There is also a plug-in for Outlook 2007 and later for synchronizing or backing up your e-mail attachments, using links instead of attachments, etc.
Version 2 adds a special SugarSync drive to the list of available drives in Windows/File Explorer. This makes managing files and folders even easier.

Downloading and installing SugarSync in Windows

Open SugarSync home page, scroll down to very bottom and click Download for PC in Product section.
SugarSync home page, Product section. Click Download for PC.

Click Download Now on the next page.
SugarSync download page for Windows. Click Download Now.

After downloading and launching, SugarSync Setup Wizard starts. It asks no questions and does its job almost quietly. On Windows Vista and later, a driver installation prompt might appear during the installing of SugarSync Drive (special drive where you can access all your synced folders). Click Install in this dialog.
SugarSync Setup Wizard, Would you like to install this device software? Click Install.

During the setup, Desktop icons and Start menu will disappear for a few moments. Don't worry, this is normal. Setup adds SugarSync and Magic Briefcase icons to Desktop and starts the program's login window right away. SugarSync configuration and usage is covered in the next article.

Signing up for or logging in to SugarSync

After SugarSync installation is complete, you can either create a SugarSync account or enter credentials if you already have one. Click Sign Up or Log In.
SugarSync first run. Click Sign Up or Log In.

Logging in requires your e-mail address (the one you used for signing up to SugarSync) and password. Click Next to add the computer to your account.
SugarSync, log in. Enter your e-mail address and password. Then click Next.

Signing up for a new account requires your full name, a working e-mail address and password. Make your passphrase strong, as described in my Creating strong passwords article - remember, you're uploading your personal (and probably at least somewhat sensitive) files elsewhere.
You'll need access to the specified e-mail address a few moments later to verify your SugarSync account.
Click Next after entering the required data.
SugarSync, Create your account. Enter required data and click Next.

After logging in or signing up, you can select a data plan. Most users can stick with the free 5 GB one and click Next.
SugarSync, Your selected plan. Leave the "5 GB - Free" option selected and click Next.

Then enter a unique name for the computer you're using. Click Next again.
SugarSync, Enter a name for this computer. Type a unique name and click Next.

SugarSync Welcome Tour opens after this. It gives some useful information on using the product.
This and more is covered in the next tutorial, Configure and use SugarSync in Windows.
SugarSync, Welcome Tour.

Updating SugarSync

Upgrading to the latest version of SugarSync is easy. As long as the program is running in the background, it will check for and download updates automatically.

From time to time, a SugarSync Update window will pop up. Click Install Now or wait 30 seconds for the update to start automatically.
SugarSync Update, ready to install an update. Click Install Now.

In Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, User Account Control will kick in. Click Continue or Yes.
Windows Vista, User Account Control window for SugarSync. Click Continue.

Next, SugarSync will close the currently running version, run an update and start the updated program. It all happens without any clicks required. Piece of cake!

Please note that Windows/File Explorer will close and Desktop icons and Taskbar will disappear for a few seconds during the upgrade. This is normal and required for SugarSync Drive to work properly.

If you encounter the msvcr80.dll or msvcp80.dll missing/not found errors after updating, you should uninstall SugarSync from Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP; Programs and Features in Windows Vista and later)  and then reinstall the latest version. Your SugarSync settings will be preserved.


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